Fandoms! What’s Trending and How You Can Bring Fans to Your Library

Fandoms! What’s Trending and How You Can Bring Fans to Your Library


Fandoms! What’s Trending and how you can bring fans to your library

Geekiness has come out of the basement into the mainstream. This fast-paced webinar will cover fandom trends that bleed over into merchandise, gaming, cosplay, TV, movies and more. Get updated on what your geeky patrons are into, and leave with some practical ideas to use that knowledge in your library. Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, author of Teen Fandom and Geek Programming: A Practical Guide for Librarians brings her experience and geekiness to educate and entertain in this webinar.

Participants will learn about:
-Popular fandom trends
-Netflix as a trend-maker
-Growth of digital TV platforms
-Board Games and Dungeons and Dragons
-Disney’s continuing plans for fandom domination
-How you can apply these fandom trends to your library programming and collections


Original broadcast October 8, 2019 

Biography ~ Carrie Rogers-Whitehead
Carrie Rogers-Whitehead is an instructor of online privacy and a practitioner. As CEO of Digital Respons-Ability she helps educate students and other organizations on digital citizenship, which includes being safe and private online. In addition Carrie is a corporate trainer, event planner, writer and library consultant who works hard to stay on top of tech trends for her audiences.


Grant Writing

Grant Writing

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Do you want to take the guesswork out of grant work? Grants can support the changing needs in your community and provide many benefits (in addition to funding!). Stephanie Gerding’s grant webinars are known for being easy to understand, motivating, and full of valuable tips. Practical advice, easy grants for beginners, partnership ideas, and valuable resource lists will be shared.

You’ll be excited, motivated, and ready to win grants for your library!

  • With so much competition for grant dollars, you want to be able to:
  • Apply the basic process of grant work
  • Develop grant projects using community needs and planning
  • Quickly find the best grant opportunities for your library through free resources
  • Find out what funders are looking for in a successful grant proposal,
  • Be excited and confident about grant work!

Biography ~ Stephanie Gerding
Stephanie Gerding, MLIS, (http://stephaniegerding.com), is a library consultant with 20 years of professional experience. Stephanie is the author of four books including the ALA Editions best seller, Winning Grants, Second Edition: A How-To-Do-It Manual For Librarians. She has success in all areas of grant work as a grant writer, reviewer, funder, evaluator, and project manager. She’s been a lead grant reviewer of LSTA and state grants at two state libraries, and reviewed grants for nonprofits, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She’s the Executive Director of Act of Giving, a small nonprofit giving circle. Stephanie finds grant work exciting and challenging and loves helping others learn to enjoy it as well. She lives in beautiful Seattle, WA with her husband and their spunky twelve-year-old daughter.


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Hackathons: An Innovative Approach to Digital Instruction

Hackathons: An Innovative Approach to Digital Instruction

Learn about the power of harnessing groupthink as libraries across the country challenge their patrons and students to come together to accomplish a project. As libraries continue to support the growth of 21st century skills, innovative approaches to digital instruction such as competitive, hands-on activities flourish in the form of hackathon events.

The presentation will discuss the various types of hackathon programs, supply resources for continued exploration into the world of hackathons and offer tips and tricks for creating a hackathon in your library including:

  • Determining community needs
  • Creating a hackathon project(s)
  • Providing a rich, meaningful experience for library users

Original broadcast May 5, 2015

Instructor Bio ~ Samantha Helmick
Samantha Helmick is the UX and Outreach Library for the Burlington Public Library in Iowa. She is a 2012 graduate from the University of Illinois and frequently speaks on digital literacy and new adult services. Her book Mobile Social Marketing for Libraries will be made available through Rowman and Littlefield in the spring of 2015.

Libraries as Partners in Lifelong Learning

Libraries as Partners in Lifelong Learning

Libraries continue to play increasingly essential and visible roles in meeting the lifelong learning needs of library staff and members of the communities they serve. Additional opportunities to do so are abundant. Face-to-face and online learning opportunities developed and facilitated by library staff as well as similar opportunities produced by outside vendors are among the opportunities curated by library staff.

Plenty of examples currently exist that highlight the opportunity to collaborate more frequently with members of other learning organizations including schools, colleges, universities and museums.

This one-hour interactive session will begin with a brief exploration of how libraries fit into a larger lifelong learning landscape and will encourage discussion among participants to determine how members of library staff can immediately work toward expanding involvement in lifelong learning efforts that serve their communities.

Participants, by the time they leave the session, will be able to:

  • Describe the overall lifelong learning environment in their communities
  • Cite at least two ideas they can immediately pursue to better meet lifelong learning needs in their communities
  • Identify at least two potential partners for expanding lifelong learning opportunities that serve community needs

Paul Signorelli ~ Biography
Paul, co-author of Workplace Learning & Leadership with Lori Reedserved as director of staff training for the San Francisco Public Library system before becoming an independent writer-trainer-consultant-learning advocate. He designs and facilitates online and face-to-face learning opportunities throughout the U.S.; is active in the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) and American Library Association Learning Round Table.

Originally broadcast 07/17/2014

Finding, Supervising, and Motivating Community Library Volunteers

Finding, Supervising, and Motivating Community Library Volunteers

How about a fresh approach to library volunteers? Whether your library has an established volunteer program, no program, or your program needs a new outlook, this webinar can help you and your library staff to develop a volunteer program with the focus that works for your library’s needs.

In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • Where to look for library volunteers. It’s not always where you think!
  • How do structure a program that works
  • Motivational strategies that can be formatted to fit your library
  • How to help you staff supervise volunteers
  • Best practices presented in real life scenarios that make sense

Kathy Pape ~ Biography
Kathy has worked for ten years in Ohio libraries and is currently the Executive Director of the Conneaut Public Library in Conneaut, Ohio.  Kathy also works as a producer, writer, actor, and director for one of Ohio’s cable access channels that provides programming to households in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Originally broadcast 06/05/2014