Using Facebook and Email to Build Support

Using Facebook and Email to Build Support

Two of the most powerful digital platforms right now are email and Facebook. While each of these can be used independently, they become powerful when used together. In this session, we’ll look at how to build digital strategies around both Facebook and email and how to use them together to build support for your library. Throughout this webinar we’ll dive into the deeper aspects of Facebook for Business like audience insights, ad manager, power editor, and more.

We’ll also look at how organizations properly use email so that they get such spectacular results and explore the data and strategies behind email success with the latest research. Finally, we’ll demonstrate and explain the best practices for email, and explain how libraries can use these tactics to increase support, funding, and awareness for libraries.


Original broadcast April 24, 2018 

Patrick “PC” Sweeney ~ Biography
Patrick is co-author of “Winning Elections and Influencing Politicians for Library Funding.” He is the former Administrative Librarian of the Sunnyvale (CA) Public Library and Executive Director of EveryLibrary California, a statewide initiative to support library propositions. He currently works as the Political Director for EveryLibrary, the nation’s first and only national Political Action Committee for Libraries and is a lecturer on politics at the San Jose State University iSchool.  He is a 2015 Library Journal Mover and Shaker recipient for his advocacy work in California and across the country. He can be found online as PC Sweeney.


Basics of Social Media Marketing for Libraries

Basics of Social Media Marketing for Libraries


Learn what’s driving modern trends in social media marketing for libraries. Discover what type of content grabs readers, how to optimize posting times and target demographics. Stay organized with your social media, interact and engage with your audience, recognize analytical measurements and understand the end goal of social media marketing.

Original Broadcast January 9, 2018

Biography – Brianne Grant
Brianne Grant is a Communications Specialist for Sarasota County Government. She is the Communications liaison for Libraries and Historical Resources. Since joining Sarasota County earlier this year, she’s launched a comprehensive rebranding of the county’s 10 libraries, called Find Yourself at the Library.

Ms. Grant is a Manhattan College graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing, specializing in social media marketing, communications and business writing.

Her background includes:
Implementing new social media marketing techniques for small business.
Developing training materials for the world’s second-largest scuba training agency.
Advising one of the largest scuba diving gear manufacturers and several dive shops throughout the country on branding and social media marketing and customer service.
Developing a social media marketing plans, managing and maintaining social media accounts, and editing training materials for the world’s third-largest scuba diving training agency.

Social Media for Small Libraries

Social Media for Small Libraries

Sometimes it’s hard to see the worth of using Social Media for your small library. For those who are new to social media or those lacking creative confidence, this session will provide tips, tools and habits that can help make Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms worth your time.

William Ottens, who has years of experience managing social media sites for both small and large libraries, will take you beyond posting about your events and new books. Learn how to fit updates into your already busy schedule and to engage your community with thoughtful, timely posts.

Participants will learn:

• William’s “Three C’s of Social Media” and other tips that help make investing work time in social media worth it
• Scheduling tools that make fitting posts into your work day manageable.
• Specific examples of posts that engage followers and encourage interaction
• Ways to turn what your library is already doing into meaningful content for your pages
• How to interact online with other businesses and organizations to further partnerships and boost visibility
• Benefits of investing valuable work time in Social Media

Original broadcast November 30, 2017

William Ottens ~ Biography

William Ottens became a librarian because he loves books and reading (which is so not what he does all day). He earned his MLS in 2010 through the SLIM program at Emporia State University and has experience as a reference librarian and library director. He’s currently the Cataloging and Collection Development Coordinator at the Lawrence Public Library in Lawrence, Kansas and the creator and admin of the library-centric tumblr, LibrarianProblems.com.

Growing Your Brand with Social Media

Growing Your Brand with Social Media

Social media is everywhere these days, and if your library isn’t “plugged in,” then it is missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

In this webinar, we will discuss how a large portion of patrons experience their library’s culture and brand through their online presence, specifically through social media. We will identify ways in which you can better utilize your brand throughout the seemingly countless number of platforms out there with just a few key tricks.

At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will be able to:
• Better understand the importance of using social media in their library
• Distinguish between different social media outlets and best-use cases for each one
• Better understand how they can use their agency’s brand in social media, and the tools that can significantly help
• Identify tools to analyze their social media usage, as well as their patrons


Original broadcast May 18, 2017 

Biography ~ Katie Simmons
Katie Simmons is the User Experience (UX) Designer for the State Library. Her focus is on both aesthetic design and usability, ensuring patrons enjoy using the website and are able to find what they need. Katie is also responsible for the agency’s brand and designs marketing and promotional materials, helps her team with the agency’s social media presence, and co-hosts the State Library podcast LibraryVoicesSC

Writing a Social Media Policy for Your Library

Does your library have a social media policy? Chances are, it doesn’t…but it almost certainly should.

Learn why you need one, and what points are essential. Discover how writing this kind of policy can be completely different than writing any other kind for a library, and what you might need in a policy for staff versus what you might need to spell out for patrons.

This webinar will help you to understand some current best practices that you can use to guide you through the process of drafting your own social media policy for your library. 

Laura Solomon ~ Biography

Laura is the Library Services Manager for OPLIN and former Web Applications Manager for Cleveland Public Library. She is responsible for providing and managing all web-related services to all of Ohio’s public libraries. This includes custom web sites and development for more than 25% of Ohio’s library systems.

She has been doing web development and design for over twelve years, in both libraries and as an independent consultant. She speaks on Web-related topics extensively in the public library community and is the author of the book Doing Social Media So It Matters: A Librarians Guide from ALA Publications.

Originally broadcast 02/27/2014

Creating a Social Media Strategy

Learn how to make a well thought-out social media strategy that will help you create effective social media campaigns that work for your library. Learn the key questions that will take you through creating a social media strategy.

Instructor Bio:
Lynette Schimpf has been involved in building the social media presence of The Orange County Library System since 2009 and currently is the Social Media Specialist at OCLS. She has presented on the topic of Social Media and Libraries at conferences and published a chapter titled “Social Media and the Middle Manager” in the book Middle Management in Academic and Public Libraries.

Originally broadcast August 26, 2013.