WordPress for Libraries

WordPress for Libraries


Since we last looked at it in 2016, WordPress has changed! It’s still the most popular blogging software in the world, a powerful content management system that now runs more than 30 percent of all websites. But it’s not even worth talking about how many WordPress plugins exist anymore – you can almost always find multiple options to add any functionality you want. Libraries are still using this technology to create community-oriented websites, blogs, subject guides, digital archives, and more. Yet even if you’ve used WordPress before, there’s new things to learn. The Gutenberg page editor radically reinvented some of the most basic parts of building a WordPress site, and has important implications for any WordPress site – old or new.

This practical session will walk you through the entire process of creating and updating a modern WordPress website for your library, including:

– Setting up a simple WordPress website from scratch
– Working with the Gutenberg page editor
– Selecting a theme and customizing the look of your site
– Using plugins to enhance and improve your WordPress site
– and updating your WordPress website for the long haul


Original broadcast November 13, 2019 

Biography ~ Chad Haefele
Chad Haefele is the Head of User Experience at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries. His department explores evaluation and improvement of the campus libraries’ web presence and other points of interaction with users. Chad’s WordPress-powered blog is at HiddenPeanuts.com and his book, WordPress for Libraries, is available from Rowman & Littlefield.

Information Overload: Taming the 21 st Century’s Flood of Data and Kitten Videos

Information Overload: Taming the 21 st Century’s Flood of Data and Kitten Videos

What do you need to “know” in order to be happy? Productive? Successful? Is it about beating the competition, meaning friends on social media, to learn (and share) breaking news before anyone else? Keeping current regarding a topic or specific commentator? Connecting to the evolution of important ideas in your profession in real time? Not wanting to be blind-sided by new developments that might impact important decisions?

Or is it the pursuit of online information for its own sake? What’s the difference between hoarding books and checking email every three minutes? And how might your involvement with the online universe, including email, social media, websites, and databases, be interfering with your real world work and relationships?

Topics include the information audit, balancing accumulation versus action, evaluating quality, weeding virtual resources, setting goals, priorities, and limits, seeking new ideas, and making room for people and ideas that don’t live online.


– Eliminate unnecessary information “overhead”, meaning the cost in time and money in maintaining datastreams and archives.
– Improve the quality of the online resources you choose to follow
– Free more time for acting on existing data.
– Be better prepared to unplug and smell the roses. The Real Roses.


Original broadcast October 30, 2019

Biography ~ Pat Wagner

Pat Wagner has been a trainer and consultant for libraries since 1978 using e-mail, platforms, and now social media to serve clients across the United States (and the solar system) who she has never met face-to-face.. She presents at state and national library conferences as well as working with libraries of all types from Alaska to Florida. She has been a frequent visitor to Florida libraries and was a facilitator for the Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute for several years. Pat focuses on skills needed to support better productivity and workplace relationships, from personnel issues to strategic planning. She is known for her practical and good-humored programs.

Finding Free Stock Photos and Videos

Finding Free Stock Photos and Videos


Having good free images and video stock footage can help you create a successful digital marketing campaign, website and print campaigns.

During this webinar, we will explore sources for free copyright free images and video as well as how to analyze and select good images and video for your campaigns.

Resource Page:

Original broadcast October 23, 2019 

Biography ~ Robin Fay
Robin Fay is a Metadata and Technology Librarian with over 15 years of experience. She has worked with large and small libraries, the Library of Congress, the Digital Public Library of America, ORBIS Cascade, among others. Robin has over 10 years of experience in library technology, with an interest in metadata and emerging technologies. in addition to that experience, Robin is an avid designer. Find her on social media @georgiawebgurl.

Ebook Reader Survey: Current Platforms and Resources

Ebook Reader Survey: Current Platforms and Resources


Stay up to date with e-reading options. This webinar will help you learn about reading apps from library subscription sources (Libby, Overdrive, Hoopla, RBDigital and others) to free and subscription reading apps and websites for children and adults.

During this session, we will focus on which options work best for each kind of library user as well as tricks, tips and special features to get the most out of each service.


Original broadcast October 16, 2019

Biography ~ Kira Smith
Kira Smith is a reference librarian at the Clearwater East Community Library. She was a virtual reference provider for Florida’s Ask A Librarian Service for 9 years. She has Master’s Degrees in Library Science and Education. Kira is a former elementary school teacher and childbirth educator. She has lived in New York, Louisiana, Texas and Florida. She enjoys teaching, technology and travel.

Voice Assistants and Smart Speaker @ the Library

Voice Assistants and Smart Speaker @ the Library



You have heard about Voice Assistants and Smart Speaker but how are they relevant for your library? BOB Anstett will talk about how these voice assistants work. We will cover some of the many forms they take and give hints on how to get the best use out of them. We will also cover how they apply in a library setting for both assisting customers and discuss privacy concerns. Broward County Libraries roll out of an Echo device on every public service desk with be discussed and how the partnership with Amazon works in the real world.


Original broadcast October 9, 2019 

Biography ~ Robert “BOB” Anstett
Robert “BOB” Anstett is the Coordinator for Digital Initiatives for Broward County Libraries. Bob is in charge of the Creation Station at Main Library in Fort Lauderdale as well as Creation Station Business and other creative spaces around the County. Bob likes to say that he “lives in the future” where he gets to work with 3D printing, creative design, hands on maker projects and robotics. He is currently organizing and running a robotics track for the public to learn coding and building robots, as well as a Virtual Reality (VR) track with an Oculus Rift & HTC Vive along with other VR & Augmented Reality (AR) gear such as a Microsoft HoloLens available for the public to try out and develop. Bob works at building connections with the local community and the library, along with fostering cooperation between libraries around the State of Florida and beyond!

Engaging Users with Virtual Reality

Engaging Users with Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality (VR), a simulated computer environment in three dimensions, is becoming more popular for gaming, movies, social interaction, and education. In fact, VR is starting to complement traditional education practices by immersing users into a world where they can learn on a completely new level. Libraries that offer these experiences are showing their users what is possible today while giving them opportunities to see what they can do in the future. In this webinar,

· Learn what VR is and what it is capable of doing while actually being inside VR,
· Understand how VR will change everything ranging from gaming to education,
· Discover various products and tools on the market now and those that are soon to be released,
· Experience the potential of Rumii, a “social-virtual reality platform that enables people to         educate and collaborate in a 3D virtual environment from anywhere on earth

Note: Although this webinar will be presented inside VR using Rumii, registered participants will be able to view the presentation via GoToWebinar, on a variety of VR headsets, on Windows/Mac desktop computers, on Android mobile devices, and (coming soon) on iOS mobile devices. Instructions for accessing the session via Rumii (VR, desktop, mobile) will be sent out a week before the live session. Software can be downloaded at: https://www.dogheadsimulations.com/.

An open room will be set-up before the session to test any interested attendees with their technical set-up including VR headsets, computers, or mobile device[s].

Class Resources
Lawnmower Man video from the session: https://youtu.be/LUsWBCH8Ch8
Presenter View of Presentation in Rumii: https://youtu.be/hNw6sQFzB1w

Original broadcast October 1,  2019

Biography ~ Chad Mairn

Chad Mairn is an Information Services Librarian, Assistant Professor, and manages the Innovation Lab at St. Petersburg College. While an undergraduate studying Humanities at the University of South Florida (USF), Chad was awarded a Library of Congress Fellowship archiving Leonard Bernstein’s personal papers. During his Library and Information Science (LIS) graduate work, also at USF, Chad became a technology liaison between the Bill Gates Learning Foundation and Florida public libraries. In 2016, Chad received a League of Innovation Excellence Award in Teaching and Learning for Innovation in the Use of Technology.

Creating Accessible Email Newsletters

Creating Accessible Email Newsletters

Newsletters can be a great tool in our librarian toolkit and help you reach your users. However, have you thought about how many users you may miss out because your newsletter is inaccessible to them due to ADA issues? During this session, we will discuss creating newsletters that everyone can access. We’ll talk about best practices for creating email newsletters that everyone can access as well as new (& free!) tools you might want to try.

ADA compliance is not just for those with disabilities, using best practices will only enhance your newsletter’s usability and the user experience for everyone. Don’t lose your readers with inaccessible newsletters!


Original broadcast September 25, 2019

Biography ~ Robin Fay
Robin Fay is a Metadata and Technology Librarian with over 15 years of experience. She has worked with large and small libraries, the Library of Congress, the Digital Public Library of America, ORBIS Cascade, among others. Robin has over 10 years of experience in library technology, with an interest in metadata and emerging technologies. in addition to that experience, Robin is an avid designer. Find her on social media http://@georgiawebgurl

For Flannel’s Sake; Using Felt and Flannel Boards in Library Programs

For Flannel’s Sake; Using Felt and Flannel Boards in Library Programs

Flannels bring stories and songs to life! In this fun engaging workshop learn just how to get started in the wonderful world of flannel (or felt) boards! Learn how flannels inspire visual literacy and allow for hands on learning with children and immediately capture a child’s interest and imagination and involve them in the story or song.

In this interactive and informative program, you’ll pick up some tricks and tips on flannel fundamentals and learn how to make an affordable, portable, felt board. We’ll also discuss how to make simple felt pieces or go advanced and make your pieces of felt pop and have time to talk about story/song selection, selecting your materials, storage, and more.



Original broadcast September 24, 2019 

Biography ~ Danielle Fortin

Danielle has been working in libraries of one sort or another for over 20 years. Yep, she started back in the days of the actual card catalog and pre-internets. She has been running story time since the 90’s, when she discovered how fun Flannel Boards are. Her longtime focus has been youth services and she currently works at the McArthur Public Library in Biddeford, Maine and serves as Chair of the Maine Library Association Youth Services Section. She likes terrible puns, roller derby, and her cats.

How to Harness the Power of Facebook and YouTube’s Nonprofit Fundraising Tools to Drive Donations

How to Harness the Power of Facebook and YouTube’s Nonprofit Fundraising Tools to Drive Donations


There is no doubt that getting results from Facebook (Getting Results from Facebook)  in 2019 is harder than ever. While Facebook continues to roll out News Feed changes at an alarming pace, one vital feature not only seems to be insulated from declining reach, but also increasing in popularity – Facebook Fundraising.

In the last two years, Facebook and YouTube have launched an entirely new set of tools to help nonprofits raise funds on the platforms. In this webinar, digital fundraising expert Julia Campbell will guide through a process to successfully register your nonprofit to use Facebook and YouTube’s powerful new Fundraising Tools, and a brief step-by-step guide to using these free tools to drive donations.

Key Takeaways:
– An up-to-date overview of Facebook’s Free Fundraising Tools and YouTube Giving Tools
– How to sign up, register, and get started right away
– Simple and easy ways to use these tools to raise money from your network
– Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Facebook’s Fundraising Tools and YouTube Giving Tools

Class Resources

Original broadcast September 18, 2019 

Biography ~ Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell has a long history of helping nonprofits find success using digital storytelling strategies. After 10 years in the nonprofit sector as a small shop development and marketing director, she founded J Campbell Social Marketing, a boutique digital marketing agency based north of Boston.

Julia received her Bachelor’s in Journalism & Communications from Boston University and earned a Master in Public Administration from Old Dominion University as well as a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Tidewater Community College.

A Boston native, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, a mother of two, and a lover of activism and social causes, Julia helps nonprofits build movements and connect with supporters by effectively harnessing the power and potential of online marketing and social media tools.

Julia’s clients include small community-based nonprofits and large universities. She also offers small group coaching sessions, workshops & seminars and online trainings. The author of Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits, Julia’s blog about online fundraising and nonprofit technology is #3 on the Top 40 Nonprofit Marketing Blogs and Websites for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers and is consistently featured in the list of Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs in the world.

Julia has been featured on Maximize Social Business, About.com, MarketWatch, Alltop, Salon, Social Media Today, Forbes and Business 2 Community.

Drones and Library Programming

Drones and Library Programming



Join Chris DeCristofaro delves into drones and learn how your library can bring drones to your users. Drones are becoming part of the ‘Library of Things’ and there are so many aspects to consider when making these crafts part of your collection. This program will focus on:
– Types of drones
– FAA regulations
– Library Policy
– Creative Library Programming Ideas


Original broadcast September 17, 2019

Biography ~ Chris DeCristofaro
Chris DeCristofaro is the Technology Librarian at the Sachem Public Library in Holbrook, New York. Chris the creator and co-host of the podcast “The Library Pros”, a podcast that discusses libraries and technology. The podcast has had over 5,000 downloads in 18 months and has been downloaded in all 50 states and 22 countries around the world. Chris has been a librarian since 2002 working in several libraries across Suffolk County New York. He has been a speaker at various conferences and seminars and is currently the President of the “Computer and Technical Services Division of the Suffolk County Library Association” and hosts a monthly meeting discussing libraries and tech with colleagues from across Long Island.