5.8 million Americans are now living with Alzheimer’s disease and 16 million are providing care. Public libraries” success in meeting our commitment to lifelong learning depends upon inclusivity across the spectrum of age and cognitive ability. How we respond to this challenge will set the standards for social infrastructure.

Dynamic sensitivity and strategic partnerships are essential. In this interactive and informative webinar, attendees will learn dementia-friendly skills for frontline service, explore engaging in-house programming, and prepare to mobilize innovative, collaborative outreach.

In this program attendees will learn:
• Describe the current scope of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and explain the purpose and potential impact of dementia-friendly library services in your
• Apply your knowledge of best practices to raise awareness, implement sensitive communication techniques in customer service, and initiate targeted library programming
with confidence
• Create a network of community partners, seek out the underserved, and develop comprehensive outreach services


Original broadcast September 15, 2020 

Biography ~ Heather Ogilvie

Heather Ogilvie is the Outreach Librarian for Bay County Public Library in Panama City, Florida. With 23 years of public library experience, Heather has a BA in English from Colby College, an MLIS from FSU, and has trained with the Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute and the Kettering Foundation. She serves as Co-Chair Elect of ASGCLA-IGARD. Heather presents customer-driven programs for the way we live now and enjoys the happy belief that anything is possible.