Are non-traditional items a good fit for your library? More and more libraries are joining the fun by adding items such as telescopes, GoPro cameras, and ukuleles to their library’s collection. A little over two years ago, Springville Public Library purchased a number of these items, branded them as “Discovery Kits”, and set out to enhance our patron’s learning experience. What started out as a collection of 24 kits has nearly doubled in size since then, generating a number of great stories and community connections along the way.

Join Springville Public Library director Dan Mickelson as he discusses the steps Springville Library took to roll out “Discovery Kits” and how they have been received by the community.

Attendees will:

● Understand why discovery kits might be a good addition to their collection
● Understand the challenges these items present
● Review a list of popular discovery kits items
● Discuss the steps to prepare the collection for circulation


Original broadcast March 5, 2020 

Biography ~ Dan Mickelson
Dan Mickelson received his Master of Library and Information Science degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Dan has been in library management for over ten years and currently serves as Library Director of Springville Public Library in Springville, Utah. Springville Public Library serves a population of 34,000 citizens in a growing community 45 minutes outside of Salt Lake City. It has been named Utah’s “Best of State” for five years running, with acknowledgment of stellar service to the community. Outside of the library, Dan enjoys hiking and biking and spending time with his twin 6 year old girls.