The best defense is a good offense. Putting parameters in place for your collection management strategy, in writing, makes it easier for your staff, your board and your community when hard choices or questions arise. Aligning these with your mission and your abilities as an organization is vital.

Ensure that you are covering all the bases while remaining flexible for the many changes in information access.

After this webinar participants will:

  • Understand the purpose of writing policies and their place in library administration
  • Know what to include in collection management policies
  • Be able to begin an outline for writing a collection management policy
  • Be more aware of tools to assist with writing collection management policies

Melissa Powell ~ Biography
Melissa Powell has worked for 35 years in libraries as a paraprofessional and degreed professional, in addition to a 4-year “retirement” to learn about the book & publishing industry.

She is an Independent Librarian currently teaching Cataloging Fundamentals and Collection Management both online and through state libraries, library consortia, and other education agencies.  She spent 2009 organizing a local history collection at a public library in the mountains of Colorado (“from boxes to shelves”), 2012-13 assisting with the setup and cataloging of a dual language university catalog, and regularly consults with school and public libraries on technical and public services.

Originally broadcast 05/06/2014