It’s easy to fall into the habit of relying on a single, tried-and-true approach for conducting a reference interview and not being able to deal with library customers who communicate differently and require alternative strategies.

In this informative program Pat Wagner will cover topic areas including: understanding the reasons for communication challenges; syncing with the other person’s “pace” or speed of response; improving signs and handouts; implementing different versions of the “reference interview” for different styles; knowing what to do and when to ask for help when “nothing works”, and respecting people who have communication challenges.

At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will be able to:
Know the limits of what your library reasonably can offer in terms of customer service when communication breaks down.
Learn and execute the “chunking down” strategy: One small step at a time
Listen to customer requests for a more user-friendly reference interview, and incorporate their feedback in your policies.
Understand that patience and empathy will mean more to the challenging library customer than the “right” answerRegister here for the live webinar or to have early access to the recording when it becomes available – all in this place!


Original broadcast February 26, 2019

Biography ~ Pat Wagner
Pat Wagner and her husband Leif Smith own Pattern Research, Inc., a 44-year-old training, research, and consulting business. She has worked for libraries and higher education as an educator and consultant since 1978, focusing on behavioral and organizational skills that support institutional and personal success. Her specialties include conflict management, customer service, marketing, supervision, project management, and ethics. She has been a frequent visitor to Florida libraries and is known for her practical and good-humored programs.She lives in Denver with her husband and two pushy cats.