Have you ever wondered if you have compassion fatigue? In this interactive and informative program, we will explore the concept of compassion fatigue, which can set in after time spent caring for others. Compassion fatigue is a type of emotional labor that can cause library professionals to burn out and become overwhelmed by stress.

Especially during a crisis, library professionals must be aware of compassion fatigue, take steps to acknowledge it in themselves and others, and develop strategies to cope with it.

As a result of this program, participants will:

• Define compassion fatigue
• Recognize the signs in self and others, at work and at home
• Learn ways to mitigate stress and handle emotions as they occur


Original broadcast November 17, 2020

Biography ~ Cari Dubiel
Cari is the Adult Learning and Information Services Manager at Twinsburg Public Library. She is also a writer, teacher, and podcaster.