How many graphic novels have you read in the past year?

Some of your patrons are in their local comic shop every Wednesday, when new individual issues are released. Total sales for graphic novels, individual comic issues, and digital comics topped $1.09 billion in 2018. Their popularity continues to increase with readers and publishers alike and they should have a prominent place in your collection. Every year, an increasing number of new, different, and diverse stories are being published, especially for kids. Fresh imprints from major publishers are finding new readers of all ages. The stories they contain range from superheroes to poignant and melancholic autobiographies. Graphic novels tell stories for almost everyone.

Get some answers to your questions – whether you have a dedicated graphic novel collection or you’re just becoming familiar with this fun and exciting format. We’ll take a look at where graphic novels began and their importance in the library, along with the different ways you can acquire and catalog them. You’ll get hints on how to maintain and keep your collection fresh and circulating, and learn about many useful tools that are available. I love graphic novels and want your collection to shine, whether you’ve read one in the past, or not!

We will go over:
A short history of graphic novels as a unique art form and how they promote learning and literacy
How to think outside the usual publisher/vendor box when purchasing and organizing your collection
Strategies to help manage your collection, including weeding and floating
Some great tools to work graphic novels into advisory and displays

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Original broadcast March 19, 2020 

Biography ~ Erin Stachowiak
Erin has worked in the library field for over 13 years and earned her MLIS from San Jose State University in 2016. She is currently one of the Collection Librarians at Arapahoe Library District in Colorado and oversees the media, graphic novels, and electronic resource collections for their 9 branches. Erin has been on multiple panels discussing some of her favorite things like comics, films, RPGs and more at past Denver Pop Culture Cons. She can be found in her basement every Saturday night, playing a 15th level Tengu cleric that’s fighting to save the world.