The Pareto Principle suggests 80 percent of something is caused or is affected by 20 percent of something else. Pareto was an Italian economist who saw that 80 percent of the peas in his garden came from only 20 percent of his pea pods. And 20 percent of his chickens laid 80 percent of his eggs. You get the idea. When it comes to the behaviors of certain library patrons (let’s call them Archetypes), we can say that 20 percent of this list of 12 can burn up 80 percent of your staff time, cause 80 percent of your conflicts, or create 80 percent of the staff discomfort level. We can create stereotypical behavioral profiles of these 12 who can make being a library staff member challenging.

This webinar looks at the behavioral patterns and conduct issues of these 12 patrons. It offers realistic tools on how to help them and cope with their idiosyncrasies, demands, and quirks.
The Patron with 1,000 Questions
The Sexually Harassing Patron
The Staking Patron
The Lonely Patron
The Entitled and Rude Patron
The Tweenaged Patron
The Technologically-Confused Patron
The Elderly or Disabled Patron
The Patron Who Misses the “Old Days” at the Library
The Patron Who Monopolizes Staff Time
The Patron Who Expects Too Much of Staff
The Patron Who Hogs or Misuses the Internet


Original broadcast February 5, 2019

Biography ~ Dr. Steve Albrecht
Since 1987, Dr. Steve Albrecht has consulted and trained on issues related to HR and security issues, team performance, conflict reduction, and social intelligence. His Colorado-based firm specializes in performance-improvement training, coaching, and leadership skills.He has consulted with Fortune 500 firms, banks, utilities, hospitals, colleges and universities, aerospace, the military, fire and law enforcement, and city and county governments in the U.S. and Canada.

He has worked as a trainer and consultant for the 122-city California Joint Powers Insurance Authority and CSAC-EIA, which covers all 58 California counties, since 1999.