Libraries that can most effectively communicate their value to the community are less likely to lose funding and are more likely to have the support of local politicians and voters. In this presentation, PC Sweeney will discuss some of the most effective strategies behind creating effective messages. These are the strategies used by some of the most successful political causes and initiatives that libraries can take advantage of to create and distribute their own messages.
In this webinar, PC will discuss how to understand audiences, how to use a message box, the benefits of a 27-9-3 messages, and how to create messages in the face of opposition to increases in library funding and support as well as many of the best platforms and methods for distributing messaging to the public.

At the conclusion of webinar, participants will be able to:
• Use message boxes for better message creation
• Create effective messages using the 27-9-3 method
• Create effective messages to counter opposition
• Use some of the most effective platforms for distributing messages


Original broadcast May 16, 2017 

Biography ~ Patrick “PC” Sweeney

Patrick Sweeney is a tireless and innovative advocate for libraries. A 2007 graduate of the San Jose School of Library and Information Sciences, Mr. Sweeney is the a former Administrative Librarian of the Sunnyvale (CA) Public Library and was Executive Director of EveryLibrary California, a statewide initiative to support library Propositions. He is now the Political Director for EveryLibrary, the nation’s first political action committee for libraries where he works to help libraries win political initiatives and ballot measures. He is active in the California Library Association and across library social media as a co-founder of the Think Tank. His library blog is well respected, and he is a sought-after speaker and presenter. A recent project, the Story Sailboat, worked to provide library services and materials – by boat – in the San Francisco Bay area. He tweets at @pcsweeney