Image is about much more than a visual image or logo. Having a good image makes an impression and creates recognition. Creating a lasting and valuable image involves a relationship with customers and their emotional connection to you. Messaging is a key part of building that relationship that focuses on developing a clear message and communicating the right information to the right people.

People love relevant information and remember it if it is delivered well. As a library, then, where does all this fit?
In this interactive and informative program, learn how to create a message that paints your library as the preferred provider of information and entertainment resources. Whatever values and image your library chooses to convey, this program will help you be more intentional and choose what you want to be recognized for!


Original broadcast May 5, 2020

Biography ~ Tonya Snider
Tonya is the founder and CEO of tenBiz, Inc. She oversees the marketing and strategic development aspects of the firm, while also working directly with clients. She specializes in business strategy, marketing and project management and helps companies grow, streamline and make significant improvements to their bottom line. Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Tonya trained and consulted hundreds of businesses in the economic development sector, was a commercial lender and developed entrepreneurship curricula and trainings for a state-wide non-profit organization.

Tonya is also a part-time professor of Business Management at Western Carolina University. She has worked directly in the non-profit, for-profit and education sectors and has a passion for “all things business” and helping people reach their goals.