Are you scrambling to provide your patrons with on-going, engaging programming such as, art classes, computer classes, ESOL lessons, and homework help?

Hire an intern! And not just any intern…a non-library school student intern.

Internships provide libraries and interns with a perfect, mutually beneficial relationship. Libraries get high-quality programs and services for little to no cost, and interns get professional and leadership experience to add to their resumes. By recruiting students outside library school, libraries get interns with a wide range of skill sets, patrons get wonderful programs, and students get a unique opportunity to mold their own experience.

Caution: Starting an internship program can be challenging, especially when there’s little or no money to pay the interns.

Learn how to:

Craft unique internship programs and job descriptions
Attract students
Work with colleges
Cultivate and evaluate interns
Give interns leadership opportunities
Measure your success

Original broadcast November 12, 2014

1-Creative Internships at your Library-ESOLEvaluation

2-Creative Internships at your Library-ManateeCountyInter Evaluation

3-Creative Internships at your Library-ESOLInternshipDescription

4-Creative Internships at your Library-SpanishLanguageInternshipDescription

5-Creative Internships at your Library-InternCertificate-1

6-Creative Internships at your Library-ComputerClassEvaluation

7-Creative Internships at your Library-ComputerClassEvaluationAlternative

8-Creative Internships at your Library-InternLetterofReference

9-Creative Internships at your Library-ComputerInstructionInternshipDescription

10-Creative Internships at your Library-InternTwoLetterofReference

11-Creative Internships at your Library-InternEvaluation


Stephanie Katz ~ Biography
Stephanie Katz is a reference librarian for the Manatee County Public Library System (MCPLS). She is the chair of the MCPLS Internships Committee, and has recruited and managed interns from all different majors. The new creative internships program at MCPLS has helped interns land professional jobs and has turned former non-library using students into library-lovers. Stephanie presented a poster session on internships at the 2014 Florida Library Association Annual Conference. She earned her MLIS at the University of South Florida