If you look up the work “patience”…Oh wait, you don’t have time to look up words, right? Who has the patience to do that anymore?

Well, if you did decide to look it up, here’s what you’d find: “That capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.”

It’s not surprising that our patience runs a bit thin now and then when we are dealing with patrons. Add to that the many other things that might be testing our patience (running late, boredom, doing too many things, health issues, relationship irritants, and any number of life’s other stressors), and it shouldn’t really surprise us that it’s a rare person who moves through each day in a warm, fuzzy blanket of patience.

Constant impatience with our patrons, though, can cause other issues for us. Allowing our impatience to reign supreme, we can damage relationships, make poor decisions, say things we regret, do things we regret, contribute to our own health problems, create image problems for our library, and the list goes on. I think you’ll agree that those are all pretty good reasons to develop our patience!


Original broadcast August 17, 2015

Instructor Bio ~ Linda Bruno
Linda has been developing and conducting training workshops for libraries and other organizations for more than fifteen years. She received her MBA from the University of Florida and has years of experience in hands-on management positions. Linda is also certified with DDI and Achieve Global.