What is an Escape Game? How is it different from an Escape Room?
An Escape Game is a series of puzzles and challenges for library patrons to complete and thereby earn a reward. Unlike an Escape Room that requires constant monitoring, an Escape Game is a primarily self-directed program. Rather than being confined to a single room, in an Escape Game patrons explore many locations/collections in your library. Many groups and individuals can also participate simultaneously in an Escape Game.

In this webinar, participants will learn how:
To use an Escape Game to effectively engage patrons
Become equipped with the tools and resources necessary to start an Escape Game
Be able to confidently plan and carry out their first Escape Game right away

Original Broadcast December 5, 2019 

Biography ~ Lori Bonner
Although her ultimate dream job is “grandma,” my current position as Assistant Children’s Librarian at the American Fork Public Library in American Fork, Utah a great substitute. I love interacting with patrons and trying out new ideas for programs. I’m grateful for the creative license and support my director gives me. When I’m not doing library stuff, I enjoy cooking (although less than I used to), gardening (for the first time in my life), and reading – especially on the beach. Knowing how technologically challenged I am on many levels, no one would believe that I was a computer science teacher once upon a time.