Learn about diversity audits and how they can provide librarians with critical data necessary to assist in developing diverse and representational library collections.

You’ll leave with practical tips, tricks, and strategies for how any librarian can implement diversity audits in their own libraries, on large or small scales!



Original broadcast August 18, 2021 
Presenter: Kelsey Bogan, MSLIS
Hello from Southeast Pennsylvania! This is my fifth year as a Library Media Specialist, and (barring this weird pandemic version of the job) it’s the best job I can imagine! I most enjoy teaching media literacy, utilizing social media for advocacy and community building, and implementing antiracism and equity work into our collection & program development efforts. I’m the kind of librarian who loves weeding, hates “shushing,” and who believes that graphic novels and audiobooks count as “real reading.” I love technology (except when its being a jerk) and think social media is the single greatest tool in our “librarian advocacy toolbox.” I enjoy the absolute privilege of teaching, learning from, and working closely with teenagers every day. There is no other group of humans I’d rather spend my time with. They are the most curious, clever, silly, outrageous, compassionate, challenging, adaptive, talented, fearless, creative, and interesting people on the planet. I see the world differently when I see it through their eyes, and what I see gives me hope for our future.