Drawing from research completed for the NMC (New Media Consortium) Horizon Report > 2018 Higher Education Edition and other resources, participants in this highly-interactive session will explore the latest developments, trends, and challenges in educational technology, with an eye toward finding ways to apply that first-rate content to our own training-teaching-learning offerings for staff and other library users.

Taking a Flipped Classroom model approach, we will have links to resources posted here at least two weeks before this webinar begins so participants can skim these concise overviews. The live webinar will include brief summaries of key findings designed to be included in the report and include plenty of time for participants to compare their own workplace-based observations and develop rudimentary action plans for using those findings to the benefit of those they serve.
Participants, by the time they leave the session, will:
Be able to demonstrate familiarity with at least three tech trends, three tech challenges, and three critically important technologies
Identify at least three ways that colleagues in libraries are using the technologies under discussion
Have at least two resources they can explore to increase their knowledge of tech trends and challenges

Please note: Although the information collected for the Horizon Report focuses specifically on higher education, the discussion will take a more inclusive view to apply the findings to public and other libraries.
Those who want to take advantage of the Flipped Classroom-model approach are encouraged to skim/view the following resources before attending the session:
“NMC Horizon Report: 2017 Higher Education Edition”
NMC (New Media Consortium)

“NMC Horizon Report: 2017 Library Edition”
NMC (New Media Consortium)

Links to a brief preview video for each edition will also be posted here as soon as they are available.


Original broadcast March 29, 2018

Paul Signorelli ~ Biography
Paul, author of the forthcoming Change the World Using Social Media (Rowman & Littlefield, fall 2018) and co-author of Workplace Learning & Leadership with Lori Reed (ALA Editions, 2011), served as director of staff training for the San Francisco Public Library system before becoming an independent writer-trainer-instructional designer-presenter-social media strategist-consultant. He collaborates with clients and colleagues to identify and work with current trends in ways that help them better serve members of the communities with which they work; has served on New Media Consortium (NMC) Horizon Project expert panels identifying and documenting educational-technology developments, trends, and challenges in libraries and other learning organizations since 2010; is a member of the ALA Library & Information Technology Association (LITA), and writes extensively to document and promote ed-tech innovations. He earned his MLIS through the University of North Texas online program, and remains active in training-teaching-learning through ALA and ATD (the Association for Talent Development) at a variety of levels.