Maybe you’ve heard the term, but what in the world does it mean? The short answer is simply being intelligent about emotions – yours and others’. The longer, and much more interesting, answer will fascinate you.

Part 1 – In the first session of this 3-part series, we’ll discuss the idea of Emotional Intelligence and why interest in the field is increasing. We’ll delve into how our behavioral styles can affect our levels of emotional intelligence.

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Part 2 –  In the second session, we’ll take a closer look at emotions:

  • What are emotions anyway?
  • Are we even aware of them when they happen?
  • Can we control them?

Then we will ‘look in the mirror’ and begin to explore the first two of the four elements of Emotional Intelligence.

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Part 3 – In the last session, we will investigate the other two elements – by probing how our emotions affect how we interact with others. We’ll also discover the potential for improving our emotional intelligence, why that matters in the workplace, and why it might be challenging to do so.

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Presenter: Linda Bruno

Originally broadcast September 2012.