Scholastic esports is the balance between learning and play (centered around electronic/ video games) that meets kids where they are, leveraging their interest and passion for play in the communities they form while gaming. In this session, two librarians will describe how they were able to capture an audience that doesn’t regularly enter a library and offer them a unique opportunity to gain life and potential career skills while competing in online tournaments.

Joined by the esports program specialist from NASEF, attendees will learn the benefits of offering “”chocolate broccoli”” (game play wrapped in practical, standards-based educational models) to direct kids’ passion for play into a purpose-driven experience that can lead to college scholarships and 21st century careers.


Original broadcast July 9, 2020

Biography ~ Tyler Hahn
Tyler Hahn is a youth and special services librarian at the Cherokee Public Library. He is a NASEF scholastic fellow and has been recognized as one of Iowa’s STEM Gems. Hahn focuses his outreach on developing connected learning and college career awareness services for middle school youth through esports and community engagement.

Dianne Connery is the director of the Pottsboro (Texas) Area Public Library. She was a corporate trainer and entrepreneur before moving to a rural community ten years ago. On the verge of closing its doors, Dianne led a group of dedicated volunteers who transformed the library into the vibrant community resource it is today.

Over twenty years in hotel hospitality management paved the way for Kevin’s entry (and reentry) into classroom education. After managing hotels for the likes of Four Seasons, Hilton International, the events of September 11, 2001 led to an unanticipated career change into career technical education. Kevin taught hotel hospitality for the Orange Unified School District before jumping back into hotels to direct training and employee development at Pelican Hill Resort.

Several years in adult education gave way to a return to teaching middle school and high school students, just in time for Kevin to catch the rising tide of scholastic esports as NASEF launched in its first year, where he continues as esports program specialist. Kevin is working on a Master’s degree in education, has a pocket full of badges and certifications and speaks more languages than most people have toes.