Many people benefit by spending dedicated time each morning to look inward before they launch into the day’s activities. Such “morning practices” vary in length, focus, and the types of activity, but all provide nourishment and inspiration.

This interactive and informative program explores options and opportunities for cultivating a morning practice that’s right for you. Individuals interested in learning more about developing a morning practice, as well as people looking to fine tune their current practices, will find this program invaluable.

As a result of this program, attendees will learn:
• The benefits of engaging in a daily morning practice
• What to include in a morning practice
• Helpful rituals, tips, and tricks
• How to get started with a morning practice, and how to keep going


Original broadcast August 19, 2021 

Presenter: Mitchell Friedman, EdD, APR
Mitchell Friedman, EdD, APR develops people. Known as an enthusiastic, energetic, and insightful educator and consultant, he relishes opportunities to help others to develop their skills and abilities on the path to achieving their full potential.  Dr. Friedman teaches leadership, management communication, organizational behavior, and public relations at universities located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Friedman also helps a range of organizations to develop the communications and leadership skills of their employees.