Librarians don’t always think of themselves as event planners, we prefer the word “programmer.” But programs and events are very similar and very important to library missions and goals. Proper event planning can make or break a program, and set your library apart.

In this interactive training and discussion, you’ll learn that you’re already an event planner, but may just be missing out on some of the knowledge. In this webinar you’ll get some of that knowledge, and receive guidance on navigating library structure, policies, personalities and more to create a signature event.

Participants will learn about:

        • Pre-event planning, how to focus your event and create a timeline
        • Basics of vendors and sponsorships
        • Marketing and PR tips and tricks
        • Help to navigate event planning within library structure, locations and policies

Original broadcast January 12, 2017

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead ~ Biography
Carrie Rogers-Whitehead has brought tens of thousands of individuals to her library events since 2008. She is the creator of the nationally recognized ToshoCON, a two-day library anime convention that has run since 2013 and brought over 2,000 teens in 2016. She is also the owner of an event company, Wizarding Dayz, and loves doing events where her geekiness and event planning experience can be combined.