Introduction to CSS Grid Layout

Date(s) - 03/22/2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



For at least a gajillion internet years, the layout of the web has been based on a system of floats and clear-fixes – grid systems that enabled us to achieve responsive and complex websites. These do pretty well, but they have always been kind of a hack. The new CSS Grid Layout specification will redefine how we approach layout, and alongside Flexbox and the Box Alignment module, will makeup the shiniest new tools in the toolbox.

In this webinar, suitable for audiences having a basic familiarity with CSS, Michael Schofield will teach you how to understand and use CSS Grids to layout websites.

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Biography ~ Michael Schofield
Michael Schofield (@schoeyfield) is a front end developer slash librarian specializing in interaction and user experience. He writes a ton and speaks at a variety of conferences about design triggers, responsive web design, lean code, content strategy, user engagement, and pushing the #libweb forward.


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