Comic Books, Coding, Cosplay, Crazes, & D&D: Making Libraries a Hub for the Inclusive Nerd Culture

Date(s) - 10/06/2022
2:00 pm EDT - 3:00 pm EDT



In the 1980’s, nerd = social suicide. In 2022, nerd = the place to be for inclusivity! Fandoms and other cultural trends bring people together in a nondiscriminatory way. Come learn how you can increase the diversity of your library through programming, MakerSpaces, and other nerd-based resources. As the Jedi librarian would say: “Attendance leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to action, action leads to inclusion!”

Be prepared to welcome the nerd contingent with:
• A short history of how the once marginalized “Nerd Culture” have now become one of the most inclusive communities in America
• Ideas on events, clubs, and activities – both large and small in scope – to help make the library a welcoming destination for people of all interests in the community
• A list of specific resources and books to build a foundational nerdy collection that can be used by all ages, abilities, and interests
• Ways to discover what is popular with your patrons

Presenter: Sarah Hall
Cosplayer and reformed sewing machine serial killer, Sarah’s secret identity for the past twenty years has been a Teen and Reference Librarian at the Hurricane Branch of the Washington County Library System. She has created, staffed, and been a guest at conventions, run book and manga clubs, and pursued other geeky endeavors. In the past she has presented at PLA and ULA on Teen Rights, Graphic Novels, teen events, and promoting teen activities.

Presenter: Gloria Larson
Gloria Larson started her library career working as an undergrad at the Southern Utah University library. Upon graduation she worked away from libraries but went back after six months because she missed shelving. She has worked for the Washington County Library system for the last 15 years, mostly in a children and youth services capacity. In her spare time, she likes to play games (mostly board and video), hike, and judge Austen movie adaptations. She just completed her master’s degree from IUPUI.

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