Destroying Communication Myths I: Why Communication Can Cause More Problems than It Solves

Date(s) - 10/25/2022
10:30 am EDT - 11:30 am EDT



The phrase “you just need to communicate more” has been positioned as a potential solution for everything from interpersonal conflict to destructive workplace cultures. This phrase demonstrates a toxic myth about communication that permeates the dominant U.S. culture: More communication is better. The damaging effects of this myth can be found in our everyday lives as we blame “communication breakdowns” for misunderstandings. Decades of research in the communication discipline have long dispelled this myth, yet it still remains central to our cultural understanding of communication. Learn how confronting this myth can improve your communication in personal and professional contexts. By applying an intentional model of communication, webinar attendees will learn different techniques to become more effective communicators.

Discover how to:
• Identify unproductive communication practices in personal and professional contexts
• Generate solutions to ongoing problems using the process model of communication
• Apply intentional communication strategies to improve communication skills

Jordan Allen, Ph.D. – Biography
As an interpersonal and family communication scholar, Jordan Allen brings 10 years of teaching and researching to help people improve communication in their daily lives. Jordan published research in several communication journals including The Journal of Family Communication, Communication Theory, Communication Annals. She has also contributed book chapters on a range of interpersonal and family communication topics including research methodologies, interpersonal conflict, family relationships, and twin communication to name a few. Jordan believes that the first step to improving lives, organizations, and societies starts with improving communication.

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