Experiencing Virtual Reality Inside Virtual Reality: A Conversation

Date(s) - 09/23/2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer tricking a user’s brain into believing that they are in an immersive environment. It is a computer simulation. VR headsets using Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) tracking offer whole-room VR experiences, giving users a more natural freedom to explore locations, interact with objects, and dodge virtual bullets inside a game. VR tends to be more isolating than other technologies; however, it can easily be an engaging social space to meet, share ideas, and collaborate. VR is starting to complement traditional education modalities by immersing users into a world where they can interact on an entirely new level and experience learning like never before.

In this webinar:
Learn what VR is and what it is capable of doing while being inside VR,
Understand how VR will change everything ranging from gaming to education,
Experience the potential of Spatial, a “social-virtual reality platform that enables people to educate and collaborate in a 3D virtual environment from anywhere on earth”
Generate conversations as a group to see what others are doing in this space.
Note: This presentation will be fully viewable and interactive in Zoom; however, attendees will be encouraged to join the presenter in Spatial for the last part of the class.

If you plan to join in the VR component, please install Spatial on your Oculus Quest (or other supported) headset and create an account and avatar in advance. Sign up for free at https://spatial.io/.

Contact diana@novarelibrary.com if you want to test or tour Spatial before the live session.

Register here for the live webinar or to have early access to the recording when it becomes available – all in this place! No need to register in a separate place for recording access.

Biography ~ Chad Mairn

Chad Mairn is an Information Services Librarian, Assistant Professor, and manages the Innovation Lab at St. Petersburg College. While an undergraduate studying Humanities at the University of South Florida (USF), Chad was awarded a Library of Congress Fellowship archiving Leonard Bernstein’s personal papers. During his Library and Information Science (LIS) graduate work, also at USF, Chad became a technology liaison between the Bill Gates Learning Foundation and Florida public libraries. In 2016, Chad received a League of Innovation Excellence Award in Teaching and Learning for Innovation in the Use of Technology.


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