Getting Started with Podcasting

Date(s) - 12/02/2015
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm



You’ve heard of Serial. It was the fastest podcast to reach 5 million streams – just in iTunes. This month, more than 17% of people have listened to a podcast – and 49% of Americans won’t stare at you blankly if you use “podcast” in a sentence. Podcasts aren’t anything new, but as smartphones proliferate–64% of Americans have one–the barrier to entry for not just listening but making podcasts more popular than ever. You can imagine the appeal: on-demand free radio about whatever you want for however long you want in whatever order you want. They’re free to make, free to distribute.

Librarians – expert curators of stuff / trivia / local knowledge / weird only-in-the-library stories – have rich source material, and libraries should think about using podcasts to extend reach, make art, preserve history, tell stories – do what libraries do. In this webinar, Michael will tell you everything you need to know about how to set up and get started, how to distribute, what to record with, interesting stats that matter (25 minutes is about the ideal length, although heavy-hitters like Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History and The Joe Rogan Experience will have three hour long episodes), as well as craft a content strategy so that your podcasts meet their mark and further the library’s mission.

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Instructor Bio ~ Michael Schofield
Michael Schofield (@schoeyfield) is a front end developer slash librarian specializing in interaction and user experience. He writes a ton and speaks at a variety of conferences about design triggers, responsive web design, lean code, content strategy, user engagement, and pushing the #libweb forward.


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