Helping Your Patrons Tell Their Life Story

Date(s) - 09/30/2016
All Day



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Would you like to learn non-traditional approaches to help your patrons (and perhaps yourself) find creative ways to tell their life stories? Whether starting or continuing an autobiography, memoir, family history or other life review project, there are abundant resources, modalities and structured approaches to tap into. You can help make the process less intimidating for your patrons, especially by offering modalities that do not necessarily depend on writing skills.

Reasons for telling one’s life story vary widely, as do the approaches to conveying it. Maybe it’s to figure out next steps during a transition, to discover the meaning of life, to pass on one’s legacy or simply to share stories with others. Ultimately, life review involves looking at where we’ve been, how that’s brought us to where we are now, and using that knowledge to inform where we are going.

Library staff have the unique opportunity to support patrons in their life review projects by helping demystify the process. In this one-hour webinar you will learn to:

  • Explain the term “life review” generally and specifically as it relates to your patrons’ needs

  • Describe at least three examples of life review activities

  • Identify print, online and community-based resources that your patrons can use to help them tell their life story

  • Discover how developing a library-based life review program can fit with your library’s mission

Biography ~ Hope Klein Levy
Hope Levy has twenty-plus years of experience in education and training, gerontology and career development. For the past five years Hope has been teaching classes at the San Francisco Public Library through a partnership with City College San Francisco’s Encore Learning Program. The common thread throughout her career is a passion for lifelong learning. Through her consulting practice, There’s Always Hope, she helps organizations develop and deliver learning programs that promote positive aging. Hope holds an MA in Gerontology and an MA in Special Education, both from San Francisco State University.


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