Makerspaces: Forming Strategic Partnerships & Creative Culture

Date(s) - 06/15/2016
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



When libraries start talking about makerspaces they often jump directly to equipment and space. There is a lot that someone can do without space and technology. Makerspaces are simply any space where design thinking, and iterative prototype development takes place. Using paper models, like pepakura, or random household objects, anyone can be a maker. Makerspaces are an informal place for people to learn from trying. By creating a great community, and a place for individuals to learn in a low risk way, we encourage our users to become empowered. In this presentation I will highlight the five key important aspects of a successful makerspace: strategic partnerships, culture & learning experiences, financial models, technical expertise, and connections to opportunities.

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Biography ~ Amy Vecchione
Amy Vecchione is the Head of Web and Emerging Technology at Albertsons Library Boise State University and Maker In Residence at Trailhead. Amy connects users with information and technology needs, follows user experience principles to guide web design, and develops innovative library services. Amy leads teams to accomplish strategic goals.


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