Managing Workplace Conflicts As If Your Job Depended On It

Date(s) - 09/11/2014
All Day



 Your ability to deal with “difficult” people, resolve problems, and stay productive makes you a desirable library employee. You can help lower workplace stress for you and your co-workers. But many models of conflict management are complicated, time-consuming, and, frankly, intrusive.

Instead, learn how to quickly pinpoint what needs to change. Lower emotionality, solve problems, and get you, your co-workers, and employees back to work. The good news is that you can focus on what and how without having to spend hours worrying about why.

Participants will learn how immediately to apply:

  • Three Steps For Resolving Most Library Workplace Conflicts
  • Five Questions That Can Focus Attention on Solutions
  • Ten Ways to Remove Conflict Triggers From Your Conversations