Moving the Mountain: Hold Your Team Accountable for Values Based Decisions

Date(s) - 09/30/2016
All Day

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Ever play that game “Telephone”? The leader whispers an instruction to one person. Each person whispers what they think they heard to the next person until it gets back to the leader. Most times what comes back is a garbled mess.

This happens every day in real life. Each person filters what they think they heard about expectations, goals and even values through their personal values and experiences. The end result is a fractured reflection of the people it traveled through, not what you need or expected.

But who is responsible? How and who should you hold accountable for the miss? What if the way we get results does not fit with your organization’s values? It feels like moving a mountain, doesn’t it?

Let’s start at the beginning and consider a different way to set expectations and hold people accountable based on your organizations’ values so you can get the results you need. It is time for the team to pull in the same direction!

In this fun and interactive session you will learn how to:

  • Understand the values you want in your organization
  • Set clear expectations based on your organization’s values
  • Hold people accountable for results based on values and clear expectations

Biography ~ Katherine Burik
At The Interview Doctor, Katherine Burik brings her extensive background in human resources to help business leaders create the positive environment that supports values based decision making and employee feedback reducing employee turnover and achieving the organization’s business objectives.
Katherine has published white papers and three books on job search as part of The Job Seeker Manifesto, including: The Job Search Marketing Plan: Declare to the World How You Will Find Your Next Job, Resumes 3.0: Tools to find your next job, and Tell Me About Yourself: Secrets to Successful Job Interviews. A fourth book targeting company talent acquisition, Talent Search Marketing Plan, is in the works.



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