Staff and Volunteers: Vital Links to Your Customer Service Success

Date(s) - 09/11/2014
All Day



Staff and Volunteers are the most important links to the customers you serve. They are also a part of the organizational team responsible for your library’s success and its community image.

Why? There is a constant expansion of customer’s expectations. To stay competitive, you need to meet these expectations. To continually grow, you need to exceed customers’ expectations.

Customer Service creates credibility and trust. Your library’s image, reputation, growth and actual survival are dependent on excellent customer service and satisfaction.

As a result of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Determine who is the “customer”
  • Realize the importance of everyone’s effort to Quality Service and Satisfaction
  • Develop techniques to deal with “different” (not difficult) customers
  • Develop an awareness of the three important elements to achieve communication effectiveness that adds value to your customers
  • Identify sources that upset guests and what techniques can be used

Originally broadcast October 10, 2013. 

Bernie Young ~ Biography

“WOW!”, “FANTASTIC!”, RELEVANT & “FUN!” are just some the words clients have use to describe Bernadette “Bernie” Young. Bernie is the president and managing partner of “Bernie” Young & Associates. “Bernie” is an international speaker who according to one reporter, “plants the seeds of passion within her audience, spurring them on to new heights in self-motivation and fulfillment”. As a consultant, facilitator, professional speaker, and corporate trainer for over 35 years,
She and her husband Joe have been married for 41 years (she had to ask him 4 times to marry her!) and they live in St. Petersburg, FL. They have a married daughter, three beautiful grandchildren (Camron, Ashlynd & Evelyn) and in 2009 adopted 2 teenage ‘Young’sters, Jesse & Sara.