Want to Get Your Message or Point Across with Impact? Tell Them a Story

Date(s) - 02/24/2015
10:30 am - 11:30 am



Think of the last time you told someone a story. How did it go? Stories have been used since before the written word to convey facts, teach, influence opinion, and stir emotions. They can even be used to relieve stress.

In this interactive and informative webinar program, we will describe the impactful role of stories in situations of both work and play. Suggestions for creating and telling stories will be explored as well as practical tips that you can begin to apply immediately.

Think about the stories you like to tell, and come prepared to share your experiences. We will share some of our own stories and provide you with suggestions for telling better stories every day.

Can’t attend the live event?  Register over here for access to the recording, made available within 7 days of the live webinar.

Instructor Biography ~ Anne Abate
Anne Abate has worked in a wide variety of libraries and library-related organizations during her career.  She is currently the owner of Library Discount Network, a small business that negotiates with database vendors on behalf of library consortia and networks.  The company also provides administrative and management support for nonprofit organizations. Anne has been the Executive Director of the Greater Cincinnati Library Consortium, now known as SWON Libraries, where she coordinated the programs, services, and activities for the members.

In previous lives, Anne worked as the Director of Marketing for a large corporation and held positions in libraries including law, academic, public, and special libraries.  Anne currently teaches in the areas of information technology for Xavier University, nonprofit management for Northern Kentucky University, and library science for the University of Kentucky.  Anne has also taught in the computer technology graduate program for Nova Southeastern University.  Anne holds a bachelors degree from Xavier University, a masters in library and information science from the University of Kentucky, a doctorate in computer technology from Nova Southeastern University, and a certificate in nonprofit management from Northern Kentucky University.

Instructor Biography ~ Pat Farr
Pat Farr has had a wide-ranging career spanning work in a supermarket just after leaving school, to working for a chiropractor, to arranging library conferences for a regional library consortium … and many things in between! She loves talking to people and usually includes some stories from her past when trying to get her point across.

Born in Rothwell, Northamptonshire and having spent the first 30 years of her life in England, she has a broad view of most things in the world but now enjoys reading and spending time with her two grandsons and her dog. Pat is very happily married (36 years and counting) to her childhood sweetheart and lives in Orlando Florida. She is the Customer Account Representative for Library Discount Network and does much of the behind-the-scenes support for PCI Webinars.


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