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Experiencing a health event, receiving a diagnosis, or managing health conditions can be overwhelming and scary:

What should you ask?
What do you need to do?
How can you cope?

These are just a few of the many questions that may bombard you.

Graphic novels, both fiction and non-fiction, are emerging as a tool to help individuals learn about and navigate health situations.
The comic strip format is less intimidating. It.engages and supports interaction between the reader, caregivers, and health care professionals.
To explore the use of graphic novels in a variety of health care and educational settings, please register and join Olivia DiLeonardo for this interactive session.

Presenter: Olivia DiLeonardo
Olivia DiLeonardo is a Medical Librarian and Narrative Medicine Instructor at Nemours Children’s Hospital and University of Central Florida College of Medicine, where she has led Narrative Medicine instruction for medical students, residents, and faculty since 2014. Olivia holds a Certificate of Professional Achievement in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University.


Resource Info: 

Graphic Medicine – https://graphicmedicine.org

NYU LitMed Database – https://medhum.med.nyu.edu/

Waiting for Health Equity: A Graphic Novel – Waiting for Health Equity: A Graphic Novel | Center for Health Progress

Penn State College of Medicine 4th year Comics Elective – https://sites.psu.edu/graphicnarratives/

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