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October is Health Literacy Month. Come join us for a webinar demonstrating ways you can support your patrons in utilizing technology to manage their health!

Libraries are integral in connecting community members with technology. They provide computers, lend wifi hotspots, and offer training sessions for developing technological skills. Library patrons, especially this past year have been asked by their health care providers to use patient portals, video calls with their doctors, and health tracking apps and devices to manage their health. To navigate these tools, patrons naturally come to their trusted community library seeking assistance. For libraries, this identifies the need for reliable resources to aid in bridging the gap between health and tech literacy.


During this webinar, we will explore:

  • health literacybasics,
  • how health and tech literacy impact library patrons,
  • how to help patrons of all health literacy levels,
  • examples ofhealth tech literacy programs, resources, and services.

Presenter: Margaret Ansell, MLIS, AHIP-S


In partnership with TBLC,  webinars originally presented to their membership can now be found and accessed through Florida Library Webinars.

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