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When students first “meet” your library, their impression is likely formed during an Admissions-led tour of campus. Have you ever been surprised or dismayed by something a tour guide said? Have you wanted to revise their script? This lively webinar will highlight Admissions tours as a valuable marketing opportunity that librarians should evaluate and influence. Drawing on examples of Library-Admissions collaboration at two institutions—a large public research university and a state college—this webinar will inspire and prepare you to partner with your institution’s Admissions department to improve library information for prospective students and families.

Bio: Alena Principato is the Outreach & Engagement Librarian at Nevada State College’s Marydean Martin Library. Located in Henderson, Nevada, the Marydean Martin Library received the 2020 Excellence in Academic Libraries award from the Association of College & Research Libraries. Alena is responsible for leading the library’s marketing and outreach efforts and building partnerships across campus. She has presented and published on library marketing and outreach and her work was recently recognized with a PR Xchange Award from the American Library Association. Alena holds BAs in English and Art from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania and an MS in Library Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she was a fellow in the Carolina Academic Library Associate program.

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