People of all ages find inspiration from the biographies of great men and women who faced difficulties. What many people don’t realize is that within their own families are stories of great courage and resilience. Our challenge as library employees is to point our patrons to the best resources and practices for finding and documenting priceless histories.

Questions you might be asking that will be answered in this program include:

How can patrons find ancestor records and family histories?

How can patrons discover the stories behind the people?

How can patrons document and share their findings?

You will learn how to help your patrons’ research individual and family histories, interview family members, create and document histories, and share them with family–or the world.


Original broadcast February 19, 2015 

Instructor Biography ~ Karl Beckstrand
Karl Beckstrand is the freckle-faced author of 10 books and more than 20 online titles. Raised in San Jose, CA, he received a B.A. in journalism from BYU and an M.A. in international relations from APU. His work has appeared in: Barnes & Noble, Border’s Books, Deseret Book, Costco, Kindle/Nook/iBooks, Amazon, The Children’s Miracle Network, LDS Film Festival, U.S. Congressional Record, and Papercrafts Magazine.