Food brings us together, and what better way to help create community during a pandemic than cooking together? And even though we can’t gather together in person that doesn’t mean we can’t get together virtually.

In this informative webinar, join Danielle from the McArthur Public Library as she shares her experiences hosting virtual cooking programs for her public library. From weekly mug cakes to more in-depth recipes with her Instant Pot, Danielle will share several different options for sharing cooking with your patrons, even if you can’t be face to face.

Attendees of this program will learn:
• What is culinary literacy and why is it important
• Cooking is Science! (and math)
• How to film and edit on a budget


Original broadcast March 2, 2021 

Biography ~ Danielle Fortin
Danielle has been working in libraries of one sort or another for over 20 years. Yep, she started back in the days of the actual card catalog and pre-internets. Her longtime focus has been youth services and she currently works at the McArthur Public Library in Biddeford, Maine and serves as Chair of the Maine Library Association Youth Services Section. She likes terrible puns, roller derby, and her cats.