The benefits of regular collection maintenance are many, however librarie are rarely able to find time to fit regular collection weeding into their already hectic project schedules. Find out how Karen was able to create an ongoing weeding plan for Suffolk Public Library and how this valuable tool can help your own library.

In this interactive and informative program, you’ll learn:

 Importance and benefits of continuous weeding and collection maintenance
 Strategies to shelf read and beautify collection while performing weeding
 Lessons learned through implementing such a plan


Original Broadcast February 21, 2019

Biography ~ Karen Nelson
Karen Nelson has been the Collection Strategy Supervisor with Suffolk Public Library (SPL) since 2016. In her time at SPL, Karen has worked on special collection development such as circulating Wi-Fi mobile hotspots, cake pans, book club kits, and kid’s adventure backpacks. In addition she has helped streamline tech services, acquisitions, collection maintenance, and cataloging processes. She has used her background in retail merchandising and management to shape the collection marketing, display, and purchasing efforts at SPL. Prior to her time at SPL, Karen was the Adult Services Librarian and acting Branch Manager of Portsmouth Public Library’s Main Library.