Google is becoming one of the most powerful and prevalent agents of the internet. How can we harness the power of Google to help our patrons? Can we shield our customers from false or inaccurate information? Are we making the best of this titan of the internet?
There are infinite ways to use Google; this webinar will show you how to be a guardian of Google search hacks, services, and boolean operators to hasten the endgame of your results.

At the conclusion of webinar, participants will be able to:
● List individual search engines contained within Google
● Assess web search results
● Identify the best search terms
● Utilize search techniques to promote accurate information distribution
● Promote the library’s mission, goals, and programming


Original broadcast December 8, 2020

Presenter: Maggie Rose
Maggie Rose is a librarian at the Twinsburg Public Library in Ohio. She coordinates the library book displays and is responsible for the audio book and board games collections. Maggie also teaches computer classes and sits on the Reference and Information Services Division and Adult Services Division Action Councils for the Ohio Library Council.
Maggie started library work in 5th grade as a shelver and volunteer in her school library. As a teen, she started shelving in her local public library and has held many library positions since. Maggie graduated summa cum laude from the University of Akron with a BA in English and minor in classical studies. She received her MLIS from Kent State and has been working as a librarian for six years.
Maggie loves gardening, camping and her boisterous family, which consists of a spouse, a boy, a girl, a dog, 5 cats, and 9 chickens.