Learn about the power of harnessing groupthink as libraries across the country challenge their patrons and students to come together to accomplish a project. As libraries continue to support the growth of 21st century skills, innovative approaches to digital instruction such as competitive, hands-on activities flourish in the form of hackathon events.

The presentation will discuss the various types of hackathon programs, supply resources for continued exploration into the world of hackathons and offer tips and tricks for creating a hackathon in your library including:

  • Determining community needs
  • Creating a hackathon project(s)
  • Providing a rich, meaningful experience for library users

Original broadcast May 5, 2015

Instructor Bio ~ Samantha Helmick
Samantha Helmick is the UX and Outreach Library for the Burlington Public Library in Iowa. She is a 2012 graduate from the University of Illinois and frequently speaks on digital literacy and new adult services. Her book Mobile Social Marketing for Libraries will be made available through Rowman and Littlefield in the spring of 2015.