Congratulations! You get to hire more staff! This program will help you identify staffing needs, successfully advertise, recruit, hire and retain the best employee for your environment, as well as address relevant federal employment law.

The best hires are those who are successful in the most prepared hiring environment—this interactive and informative webinar can help you get there.

Original broadcast February 3, 2015  

Nan Carmack ~ Biography
Nan Carmack is the Director of the Campbell County Public Library System in central Virginia. She has been working in libraries for 10 years after a brief stint in book selling retail, preceded by a decade in the human services field, working with families and children affected by chemical dependence and abuse and neglect. With dual master’s degrees in Library Science and Education, Nan finds public librarianship to be the perfect blend of public service and intellectual curiosity. Currently pursuing a doctorate in organizational leadership, she enjoys studying (really!), gardening, knitting, and the assortment of animals on her small farm.