A Library of Things can be made up of just about anything. La Porte County (Indiana) Public Library’s grew into a collection of innovative technology equipment and now includes professional development resources for local teachers to help students of all backgrounds and abilities thrive in today’s skills-based economy.

Learn how our organization developed strategic partnerships to increase access and opportunity and how those partnerships have grown in support and evolved into a community-wide effort.

Attendees will learn how to:
• Analyze community needs and interests to build relevant collections
• Identify ed-tech products that provide quality professional development resources for educators and build a network of contacts
• Develop a plan to meet with school administrators and circulate a Library of Things that will grant access to underserved student populations, providing students with equal opportunity to achieve overall academic success

Original broadcast August 13, 2020

Biography ~ Susan Bannwart
Susan Bannwart is the Community Engagement Manager. She along with the “”dream team”” of community engagement librarians develop programming, school partnerships, community collaborations, and STEAM initiatives of LPCPL. Susan loves learning and spends as much free time as she can outdoors riding horses, gardening, or just enjoying nature.

Biography ~ Jenny Minich

Jenny Minich is a community engagement librarian. She stays up-to-date on the newest tech for kids and teachers, and her favorite days at work are STEAM Camp days. She likes all the stuff your grandma probably likes – genealogy, DIY, and Midwestern resourcefulness.