With the Internet-age maturing, and the DIY culture expanding, we are seeing a change in the traditional reference question. Patrons are no longer asking, “Where do I find a book on Word?” Instead, they are asking, “How do I make columns in my document?”  The new patron treats the librarian as a primary source of information. How do we adapt?

In this webinar, we will:

  • Evaluate the new reference question for the patron’s information needs,
  • Understand the importance of the “how do I” questions on the relevance of the library,
  • Learn how to recognize patterns in technology to offer assistance across devices,
  • Discover techniques for providing “hands-off” hands-on training,
  • Master our anxiety when we are confronted with technology or practical topics with which we are unfamiliar.

This webinar is open to all levels of users.

Original broadcast July 28, 2016 

Crystal Feyerchak – Biography
Crystal is the Continuing Education Librarian at the Twinsburg Public Library. She develops, teaches, and manages the technology training program at the library. In addition, she also coordinates the continuing education classes (in-person and virtual). She is currently the assistant manager in the Digital and Learning Services Department.