When was the last time you added something new to your program & events calendar? Are you constantly recycling old ideas, hoping for new attendees? It’s time to change up your offerings. In this webinar you will learn how to scour your community for new ideas and presenters. Your next big idea might be right next door or down the street.

You will leave the webinar knowing:
• Why you should turn to your community for program/event ideas
• Where to find ideas, hosts, and support
• How to successfully market within your community and beyond


Original broadcast May14, 2020 

Biography ~ April Pavis-Shroederpril

Pavis-Shroeder is a librarian and volunteer coordinator at a public library in Northern Virginia. She began working in St. Mary’s County (MD) Public Library in 2006 as a circulation associate and was soon volun-told into the position of Teen Advisory Board leader. She quickly realized how magnificent and passionate that age group was, and decided to pursue a career in teen librarianship. April and received her Masters in Library Science from the University of Maryland in December, 2010 and has worked in libraries ever since.