t’s not enough to criticize and complain if you want to make your workplace better, particularly when you don’t have power or authority. Also, being right about the technical details of the problem and possible solutions is usually not enough either. You can improve your situation by building better workplace relationships, learning to navigate the political maze of your workplace, and ensuring your own behavior is beyond reproach.

Topics include earning positive influence, meaning trust and respect, when you don’t have authority; modeling the behavior you want to see and hear in others; the importance of empathy when it comes to understanding the bosses’ point of view and priorities, picking your battles, and making most of your interactions with your co-workers and employees about praise and gratitude, not complaining or asking for help.

At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will be able to:
• Build status through accomplishment and good workplace relationships
• Identify first steps for making successful change
• Create a support team of mentors and like-minded change agents


Original broadcast July 1, 2021 

Presenter: Pat Wagner
Pat Wagner and her husband Leif Smith own Pattern Research, Inc., a 46-year-old training, research, and consulting business. She has worked for libraries and higher education as an educator and consultant since 1978, focusing on behavioral and organizational skills that support institutional and personal success. Her specialties include conflict management, customer service, marketing, supervision, project management, and ethics.  She lives in Denver with her husband and 3000+ books.