Collecting numbers, aka quantitative data, answers many questions regarding your library. How many people in your service area have library cards and how has that changed in the last five years? Are more or less senior citizens coming to events? Which nonfiction books are circulating the most?

But numbers don’t tell about the lonely teen discovering a safe haven to create graphic novels. Or the overwhelmed grandmother, now custodian of her toddler grandkids, finding respite and friendship during programs on Reading Readiness and parenting.

In this program, we’ll discuss:

• What makes a compelling library story
• Where to find the best story tellers of all ages and backgrounds
• How to engage your community’s or institution’s talent to put stories into pictures and videos
• How to keep your collection of stories fresh


Original broadcast April 14, 2020 


Biography ~ Pat Wagner
Pat Wagner has been a library trainer and consultant since 1978. She also has a background in the performing, literary, and visual arts as a performance poet and storyteller, playwright, graphic designer, and writer of fantasy fiction. She grew up in a family of storytellers and is currently recording those stories and accompanying photos to share with family members across the globe.