Librarians are multitalented, multifaceted people. We are curious, we are always learning, and we can figure out how to do almost anything. We also tend to have a number of hobbies or passion projects. In our current world, many people have multiple streams of income.

This webinar will provide tactics to help you launch your passion into an income generating side hustle.

As a result of this program, attendees will learn how to:
• Decide if turning your hobby into a business will ruin the fun
• Do your market research
• Take your hobby business on a test drive
• Make a plan
• Make it legal
• Establish an online presence
• Market yourself
• Get your first sale


Original broadcast August 24, 2021 

Presenter: Rachael Altman
Rachael believes that transferable skills, curiosity, passion, and mindfulness are the keys to success. She is a career coach, yoga teacher and meditation teacher, and jewelry maker. Her purpose is to inspire people to realize the value in their transferable skills and the fact that they can do anything with curiosity, creativity, and an open mind.

She has spent her career in market research and business development at Deloitte, Sidley Austin, and Deloitte and as an academic librarian at Rockford University and Alabama State University. Rachael currently works as a Market Research Analyst at G2, a tech company based in Chicago. You can connect on Instagram @itsrachaelaltman, by email at rachael.altman@gmail.com, and on LinkedIn.