We all want to feel supported, trusted and understood by our bosses. But, in the course of our careers it does not always work out that way. In this one-hour interactive webinar you will learn practical steps to improving your most difficult boss relationships.

Learn the 5 most common types of bosses that can turn your work life upside down. Whether you are dealing with a micro-manager, a sacred cow, a passive aggressive boss, unconsciously biased boss or a boss who avoids doing their job and making decisions. We will discuss actionable steps you can take to manage any boss you don’t like.

In this interactive program attendees will learn how to:

• Manage their expectations of their boss
• Take control of their situation by managing up
• Take the behavior of their boss less personally
• Get along with a boss you don’t like


Original broadcast June 1, 2021

Presenter: Kathi Elste
Kathi Elster is the co-author of Mean Girls at Work – How to Stay Professional When Things Get Personal (2012), Working for You Isn’t Working for Me – The Ultimate Guide To Managing Your Boss (2009) as well as the best-selling business book
Working With You is Killing Me – Freeing Yourself From Emotional Traps At Work (2006)

Out since March 2006, Working With You Is Killing Me has hit the New York Times Business Books Bestsellers List as well as Business Weeks and The Wall Street Journal’s bestsellers lists. Kathi is also the President of K Squared Enterprises, a Management Consulting firm located on NYC. Kathi is the cohost of the popular podcast My Crazy Office. http://ksquaredenterprises.com/my-crazy-office/

As a career and executive coach, Kathi specializes in staff training and development. She has helped companies by training thousands of individuals in the art of achieving business goals while managing difficult personalities and emotionally charged situations.

Published author, college educator, public speaker and veteran executive coach, Kathi has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN and numerous nationally syndicated radio shows an podcasts to talk about managing difficult workplace relationship. Kathi has charmed audiences and led workshops at Microsoft, Starbucks, Time Life, Martha Stewart Omni Media, Prudential, Proctor & Gamble and NASA.