Have you ever applied for an internal position but were not selected? Almost everyone has had this disappointing experience at some point in his or her professional career. Yet how you react in this situation has an impact on your administrators’ view of your potential for promotion.

In this interactive and informative program Elizabeth and Deborah will use examples of real life behaviors and feedback, and they will discuss ways you can reframe your attitude and behaviors for future professional success.


Original broadcast September 22, 2106

Elizabeth Hensley ~ Biography
Elizabeth Hensley is a Branch Administrator for the Montclair Community Library in the Prince William Public Library System. She was the Leadership Development Forum Chair for the Virginia Library Association and has worked with libraries in Virginia for more than 20 years.

Deborah Wright ~ Biography
Deborah is the Assistant Library Director of Public Service at the Prince William Public Library System. Her work experience includes 7 years as a public library branch manager and 4 years at the Library Administration level (Family and Youth Services Coordinator). She has been actively involved with American Library Association and the Virginia Library Association for 20 years.