The demand for creativity from employees is rising! Creativity is important in the workplace because it’s the engine of innovation – it stimulates individual leadership and healthier more high performing teams. But without a conducive environment for creativity to be expressed, how can we expect to see ideas arising from creative employees?

In this interactive and informative webinar with Courtney Feider, you’ll learn some of the most effective practices that help an organization to nurture and support creativity. Specifically, attendees will learn how to:

• Use the 5 Principles of Creativity
• Implement Creativity in their Organization
• Manage Creativity in the Long Term


Original broadcast July 18, 2017

Biography ~ Courtney Feider
Courtney is a pioneer among Creative Change specialists. Her consulting method focuses on identifying a company’s need for change and helping achieve disruption with a systemic creative culture, talent, and brand overhaul from leadership level to marketplace. She is also a business and balance coach for rising young leaders, female executives, b-schoolers, and business owners. Merging her background in corporate work, agency work, and entrepreneurship, Courtney’s strengths lie in identifying and shaping new leaders, and filling the growing Leadership Gap with interruptive, creative, next-level thinkers.